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Check Out Brian as / in...

Polynesian / Fire Dancing 

Brian has been training for the past 6 months with Chris Tuiaana and will be performing Traditional Dances from several different regions.  Inquire about one of his performances near you!!  



Independent Maui Performances

Brian is also the only person that does independent maui performances across the chicago land area !!  He is one of two people that are known to do Maui performances in the US.  He does everything from photo ops, to singing maui's iconic song, "You're Welcome".  Message to find out how to get Brian to a performance near you!!  



Premier Pro Wrestler

As we all know, brian wouldnt be brian without bringing something diferent to the table!!  Brian has also been training with Randi Ricci at ppw to become a pro wrestler.  his matches are expected sometime soon!!  Stay tooned to see this upcoming star in action!!