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Brian Cruz 

Behind the Smile...

My Story.

Sure, anyone can see you smile.

But who knows why you smile?

Who knows everything behind the smile.. all of the tears, all of the pain,.. all of the things in life that happen to you to give you every reason NOT to smile? 

Hey Heyy, nice to meet you. My name, is Brian Cruz, and this is my story.

"Hush Little Baby"

"Hush Little Baby, Dont You Cry.
Dont Slit You Wrist and Dont You Say Goodbye
Put Down the Razor, Put Down That Knife,
i Knows Its Hard But You Win This Fight."

So I read these lyrics on a page but I never heard anyone actually sing them. So I decided, why not, heres for suicide awarness. I dont owb the song nor lyrics, I just sang it and played it. Brian Cruz.

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