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Brian Cruz was born and raised in the West Suburbs of Chicago. He started his performing Journey when he was just 6 years old. Since then, he has led and appeared in Musicals, Plays, TV shows, Commercials, Live Events and Print all across America. Brian has been fortunate enough to have worked, and appeared, with Companies like, Skybound, WCIU, CBS, NBC, and Telemundo, as well. He has also taken Professional Acting Classes such as Acting 101, TV1, Communication Skills, Stage Combat, Stage Presence and Improve, at John Robert Powers in Chicago. While in Los Angeles, he got the opportunity to compete in an Acting Competition, where he placed 3rd out of 500 and top 10 out of 2,000. Brian's Performance is very well rounded, from performing all sorts of personalities, to performing in all sorts of situations as well. He is an Emcee and regularly hosts Events, Assemblies, Beauty Pageants and was the Number 1 Tour Guide for The Chicago Seadogs at Navy Pier for their 2017 season. Coming in at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 220 pounds, he isn't your typical build that you normally see. He has long Black Curly Hair with Brown eyes. Although Born from Mexican Blood, he does regularly get asked if he is an Islander, Polynesian and or of Samoan culture. Being raised in a Mexican Household, he is fluent in Both Spanish and English. But being born and raised in the US, he is able to keep and let go of a Mexican accent. Performing is his true passion and it's what he strives to do for the rest of his life. He Quotes "Not only is it my addiction, but it is my gateway into different worlds! Its the only way that I can experience this world to its fullest! It really brings home the meaning of I can be whoever I want to be! I want to entertain and bring smiles to people of all ages and types all across the world. I want to be able to communicate with people through performing. I want to give back what my favorite actors gave me growing up, Happiness!" He has always dreamt of leaving a path of footprints, for others to follow, for whenever they need guidance in pursuing their dreams, as he has.

Aside from living on set, Brian is always on the go, trying new things, starting new adventures and never resting.  He loves to explore everything that this world and all of the its creatures have to offer.  If you ever want to find him, he can either be hanging off of a tree sleeping upside down or climbing a mountain without a harness.


Brian Cruz Headshot png 722.png

"My passion has always

been in performing.

My dream is to leave a path for others, whenever they need guidance in pursuing their dreams as I have." -Brian Cruz 

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